We serve local delicacies such as apples simmered in wine, sesame tofu, buckwheat noodles wrapped in tofu skin, Nozawana pickles, etc. Our dishes are healthy with refined taste. They are very popular among women guests.


Our menu changes according to the season. We offer the freshest and most delicious ingredients all year round. 


Meals are served at the dining room. Please make a reservation in advance if you wish to dine at the hotel.


We have both indoor bath and outdoor bath at the hotel. The water is 100% natural hot spring.


We have 3 different types of baths, coming from different hot spring sources. Please try them all and feel the different effects.

The baths have different hours for male and female guests. Please check the hours at the front desk.


Our outdoor bath especially has a long history. It can be chartered for private use at no extra charge.